Today, we briefly list the recent movements of Dion Agius (with hyperlinks!):

He was meant to go on the Kustom Airstrike trip to the Mentawais, but he pulled out due to a sore nagging knee that he tweaked in New Zealand going air for air with Craig, Dane and Conner.

Then he was meant to go somewhere new, somewhere he'd never been, to shoot a short film with What Youth. He'd be traveling with a model he met in Los Angeles and staying with her family.

But Dion couldn't get his visa sorted in time and that trip also got pushed back. Worse — or, not worse, more amazing — thanks to the weird arcane laws of living abroad, Dion then had to travel outside continental North America to reset his work visa, so he went surfing in Panama with a knee brace.

This was after a cross-country road trip with Warren Smith for their project Proxy Noise.

Then he came to the Dear Suburbia world premiere on Thursday.

On Friday, he furnished a pop-up showroom for Epokhe, the new sunglass line he started with Mitch Coleborn and Kai Neville, and hosted a party there.

This morning I don't know where he is exactly. He was trying to decide between Mexico and San Francisco.

There it is. And here he is, in Bright Grey, a What Youth original short. Enjoy.

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