A lot has changed in a year for Noa Deane. Last summer, his visit to CA would have been a pretty off the radar affair. A few hellos and some shitty surfs in Newport shorebreak. But over the course of 2014, Noa has, umm, kinda been blowing up. With new sponsor deals, loads of hype, film projects and some hammertime web clips dropping, Noa's 2014 summer trip to CA was a whole new party, with obligations, parties, sponsor visits, multiple movie premieres, autograph signings and the whole enchilada — not to mention he never dawned a single jersey in competition the whole time.

One stop on his itinerary was to the new Rusty HQ in Laguna Beach, where he pawed some new '90s inspired sleds complete with Todd Chesser-inspired flame sprays, raided the candy bin, snagged a new wardrobe and gave away some boards with us that featured his photos. We tagged along, because Noa's funny. And the new Rusty office has good candy and coffee.

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