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There's a small bar in this terminal and it's filled with all those sad looks that people usually have in airports, bad sandwiches and ice cold beers. I've just met up with What Youth filmer and team psyche-leader Victor Pakpour. He travels with the most hideous piece of luggage you've ever seen. He says it's easy to find in foreign ports. It's massive and floral and he just fills it with gear and clothes and grins through LAX. While in Australia Victor will be grabbing some last minute footage for Reef and What Youth's film collaboration Anything Sing, which will be out this Spring. There's swell, star power and blue water waiting. Myself, Kai and heaps of surf dudes will be venturing up the coast, posting up on the beach and filming a brand new series for this here website. Expect radness. And according to the forecast, there's a good chance we'll be disregarding a good amount of responsibility and surfing our brains out. And don't worry, we've got a good amount of entertainment in store for you this week while we get settled in Australia, including some sneak peeks inside What Youth Issue 3, which is now available in the What Youth Shop. As for us, we're boarding our flight. —Travis

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