PHOTO: Lawrence

This morning at 6:30 a.m. I heard someone out on the deck, scraping wax and drinking coffee. The sun was just starting to peak around the morning clouds and it was quiet aside from the prehistoric dinosaur birds that lose their minds in the Australian morning. Chippa Wilson had begun the process of stickering up his boards with brand new, white Fox stickers.

So let's make it official: Chippa has been put on the reinvigorated Fox program alongside Bruce Irons and Bede Durbidge, rounding out a super well-balanced program. "It feels like I can do something now," he said as he scissored and cut the new logos. Chippa has been sponsorless for a couple months after Analog scrapped their surf and skate programs at the end of 2012. It was a damn shame to see someone as sick as Chippa flying around on white boards, but that is no more. This morning we surfed a really fun beachbreak, dodged sharks and it was Chippa and the Fox logo leading the way with his ditches.

Dillon Perillo put it best this morning as he watched Chippa put the logos on, "That's pretty weird, like, Fox is sick now. Marketing is so weird." —Travis

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