The doldrums of summer are approaching. But hopefully watching some of this creativity will get you to erase the word doldrums from your vocabulary. WE've got everything from RVCA skate team running around Puerto Rico to Patti Smith singing Jack Kerouac poems and Mac Demarco, who happened to write the soundtrack to your summer.

It's all waiting after the jump, don't be lazy today. 

Dylan Rieder: Huf Shoe Release Short Film

Do you want to know why we fucking love this? Because it’s so ruthlessly, unapologetically Dylan Rieder. This is him. His vibe. This is his shoe. This is how he skates. In Berlin. A white cloud of smoke engulfing his greasy black hair. Black leather. Nude models. Several models. Dark music. More gothic backdrops of Berlin. Fuck people who try to sway you to be plain. We couldn’t back this any harder. Ripping for one. With a backdrop and song and vibe that’s as spot on as the shoes it reps.

Mac Demarco: Pepperoni Playboy (A Mackumentary)

You’ll want to watch this over and over. Musician Mac Demarco is from Canada. He sings a brand of pop-folk indie or something and his new album is really good. This documentary chronicles the making of the album and the band’s first tour through Asia and Australia. The banquet scene is incredible.

Patti Smith sings Kerouac

This poem is from a Kerouac sketch book called Pomes All Sizes. Sad poem, sad song. The backing music is provided by Thurston Moore as if you needed another reason to space out and listen closely to this.

Bukowski Illustrated: The Man with Beautiful Eyes

This is an adaptation of a poem taken from Charles Bukowski’s batch of poems called The Last Night of The Earth Poems. Watch this, listen to the words, feel that? It’s emotion. Now wrangle it and make something.

Short Illustrated Film by: Jonathan Hodgson:

Jess & Moss 2011 Sundance Film Festival Short Film

The colors and cinematography in this short film called Jess and Moss are so incredible. Below is the trailer but definitely track the full film down, especially if you’re into filmmaking, photography or feeling.

RVCACaravan | Puerto Rico x Florida from RVCA on Vimeo.

RVCA Caravan: Puerto Rico and Miami: This looks like the funnest skate trip ever. Rad architecture, colors and fucking shredding going down with the RVCA skate team. Has a very unique vibe to it.

Interviews with photographers William Eggleston and Stephen Shore: A really intimate and revealing batch of interviews with iconic photographers. Something special about these:

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